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Admission policy

UWC Azerbaijan encourages applications from all individuals with Azerbaijani citizenship having a
strong motivation to learn and be exposed to an international environment. We are committed to
ensuring equality by means of providing the same opportunity for all individuals seeking a place at
UWC schools. No applicant will be refused the possibility of admission on the grounds of sex,
gender, ethnicity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability, political views, or
socio-economic background. UWC Azerbaijan reserves the right to admit the applicants according
to the age-related provision set by UWC International.

Policy objectives

● Ensure that the selection procedure is transparent, impartial and inclusive to all applicants;
● Ensure the entry requirements are based on the above-mentioned objectives and are in line
with UWC International protocols;
● Ensure measures to be applied in case of conflict of interest.


Governance - all necessary amendments to this policy will be discussed and approved by the
National Committee.
Management - the National Committee is responsible for the management of this policy.