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Disclaimer on conflict of interest

Committee members involved in the selection process must review the list of applicants and declare
any potential conflicts of interest. If they have any personal relationship with a student, the
concerned committee member will not be participating in student selection in that given year.

Stage 1: Application

All applicants must have a correctly and fully completed application form to be considered. The
applicants will pass the application process based on eligibility criteria, as well as motivation and
ambition to be a part of the UWC schools as reflected in their essays.

Stage 2: Shortlisting

Applicants who meet the selection criteria will be shortlisted for interviews. At this stage of the
selection process, the National Committee will not be able to provide personalized feedback to the
rejected candidates.

Stage 3: Interview

The National Committee will conduct (i) general and (ii) group/panel interviews with the
shortlisted applicants. The interviews will be conducted to identify the motivation of the applicant,
analytical and critical thinking, cultural awareness, level of independence, psychological assessment
etc. The interviews will be conducted by National Committee members, and will aim to involve a
trained psychologist who can provide an expert assessment on the mental readiness and
psychological fitness of each given candidate to partake in an international boarding school

Applicants who pass the interview stage will go into the selection stage. At this stage of the
selection process, the National Committee will provide personalized feedback to the rejected

Stage 4: Assessing financial aid applications

The financial assessment will be conducted separately to ensure that students are recruited on a
need-blind basis. Financial aid will be offered to prospective students that show financial need
based on personal and family income.

  1. The decision to provide financial aid in the form of full or partial scholarships will be based on
  2. Brief letter pertaining to students’ financial situation (OR Financial Assessment Form once
  3. finalized by UWC IO).
  4. Information on parents’ or guardians’ jobs, annual income, assets, and savings (will be
  5. checked once the student is selected).

Stage 5: Selection

The National Committee stands for inclusivity and understands the diverse backgrounds of
applicants. Thus, it reserves the right to request additional documents from applicants in cases
where this is necessary.

Decisions will be carried out in panel discussions by the National Committee members. Students
will get points based on their application forms and the results of interviews. Depending on the
number of applicants, the National Committee will come up with the cut-off score to determine who
is selected for UWC schools. At the same time, depending on the number of highly qualified
candidates, the National Committee will create a waitlist for the applicants that will be close to the
cut-off. Waitlisted applicants may have a chance to be invited to UWC schools in case of
withdrawal or rejection of the selected applicants.

After the selection is made, the National Committee will compare the results from both the selection
stage and the financial aid stage to decide which applicants will be offered full or partial

Stage 6: Decision announcement

Successful applicants will be notified by email and phone and will be offered a place according to
their needs and available program slots.

Stage 7: Offer Acceptance/Decline

In case of dismissal, decline, or withdrawal of the applicant, the offer will be proposed to the
applicants from the waitlist. Minimum 3 weeks will be given for applicants to accept or decline
their admission offer.

Stage 8: Pre-departure orientation

Successfully enrolled applicants and their families will have a pre-departure orientation session. The
National Committee will organize an intensive English language course for the selected students if
there is a demand for it.